Our own roots

Sophyn Greens B.V. is founded in 2020 by Linsie Meijer in order to develop and produce new foods that provides a solution to multiple challenges in the food chain. And by doing that, making a contribution to the food transition towards a more modern, real and natural foods from a sustainable and resilient chain. With inclusion of nature, people and the environment. A food chain in which food miles are seriously weighted and where waste streams have a destiny. And in where items as the use of sustainable energy and packaging are carefully considered in light of the bigger picture.

With Sophyn Greens she wants to show by her positively inspired way that food production can also be done differently, by thinking differently and doing things differently. Back to the basics, the simplicity, but then with a scalable, futureproof and modern twist.

Linsie Meijer

“Several times a day we make choices about our food: what, where and with whom. With the passion and knowledge I have as nutritionist and the curiosity about why people make choices, I like to play a vital role by giving a nudge to a healthier or sustainable choice. What better way to do this than to develop products where fruit & vegetables have a central place? I see it as a valued contribution in the food transition to more real and nutrient-rich products on the shelves.”


At Sophyn Greens we are realistic, no-nonsense stand with both feet firmly on (and sometimes in) the ground.

This means that, with common sense, we organize a realistic food chain that works for everyone and is future-proof. For us, this is a food chain that is stable and scalable. Including matters as local produce, the use of waste streams, sustainable agriculture and production are considered normal to us, and is something we cherish and share. Our vision of a sustainable chain in combination with our sense of realism and large-scale processes does not make us dreamers, but builders. Builders driven by passion. We are explorative, committed and like to get to the bottom of things, where we do not let ourselves be limited to existing paths.


The name Sophyn Greens comes from the combination of the names Sophie and Fynne, the daughters of Linsie.

Getting in touch

We are always open for contact, collaborations and a good conversation. You can reach us via:


Korte Eeweg 2F-G

4424 NA Wemeldinge

region Zeeland

The Netherlands


+31 (0)6 46 00 59 70

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